Energetic and Engaging Speaker on Financial Planning, 
Entrepreneurship and Happiness

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Kate Holmes, CFP® is the Founder & CEO of Belmore Financial, LLC and Employee Financial Advice, firms she launched in her quest to discover and go after her happiest life and fulfill her desire to help others.

Kate's mission is to change the conversations we're all having. The first question she asks a new client is, "When are you happiest?" And she'll ask your audience the same thing.  Whether we're talking about money, career, relationships, or goals, she encourages everyone to be honest with themselves and what they really want in life. 

As a Certified Financial Planner that's been in the industry for nine years, Kate regularly speaks at companies.  She educates employees on the most important financial steps they need to take and can take a deep dive into their employee benefits.  This can be a one-time presentation or an ongoing course and can be delivered in person or virtually. (She can even provide one-on-one financial advice through Employee Financial Advice.)

As a young, female entrepreneur, Kate is excited to speak with our next generation about the possibilities that lie ahead. As high school and college students prepare for their futures, Kate can speak about her experience following her dreams.  She obtained a degree in photography from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Then she took the more 'practical' route and got a steady job in financial services. As a young female she wasn't always taken seriously. When she identified gaps in the industry and things she felt she could improve upon, she launched her own business to do thing a bit differently.

As a world traveler that's lived abroad, transitioned from photography to financial planning, spent 7.5 years as a step-parent, and left a six-figure shareholder position to launch her own firm (all of which was in her 20s), Kate can speak on asking ourselves why we make the decisions we do and how we can discover and go after our happiest life. Always encouraging others to be honest with themselves, Kate is an open book that shares her mistakes, missteps, and lessons learned. All with a side of humor and intrigue.

Kate has been called a social rockstar and featured for showing her personality online (a rarity in the professional world) and she brings that energy and engagement to the stage. 

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