InvestmentNews: A New Way for Advisers to Keep Up to Speed on Clients' Life Events

It was great to see Kivvik featured in a recent story on InvestmentNews and I provided a few quotes about why I believe so strongly in Kivvik. 

Kate Holmes, a financial adviser with Belmore Financial in Las Vegas, said that Kivvik helps to keep advisers in the loop. She sits on the company’s board.

”It’s not always easy keeping up with what’s going on in a client’s life, and a lot of clients don’t always think to tell advisers what’s happening in their lives,” Ms. Holmes said.

Having a way to give advisers a heads-up in advance of significant events not only can provide financial professionals with important insight into their clients, but also an opportunity to strengthen relationships with them. Clients may not realize how much their advisers can do for them to help them prepare for life-changing milestones.

”Bringing up all these different topics can remind clients how many things that go in their lives can affect their financial picture, and how advisers are there to help them with that,” Ms. Holmes said.