Broken Eggs Podcast: Season 1 Episode 8

I had SO much fun talking with Andrew and Sylvia on the broken eggs podcast! I can't wait to meet them both in person. *Listen to the podcast here*

(From the podcast website) Welcome to Broken Eggs Podcast.  We pick up where the conversation that the documentary, "Broken Eggs Film", left off and are now bringing it to you weekly via the podcasts. We discuss the looming retirement crisis, saving, and how we can better prepare ourselves for the future.

This podcast features Broken Eggs Film Producers, Andrew Meadows and Chad Parks, as they examine the current climate of retirement in America. Weekly guests are featured to provide a diverse range of insight to the topics at hand. This week, Sylvia Flores joins Andrew as co-host for the week while Chad is traveling. The two discuss the importance of health and the perception of the financial services industry. 

Our guest for the week is Kate Holmes of Belmore Financial. She is a financial advisor who uses a more holistic approach to a person's financial self. You can learn more about Kate Holmes and her work through the links below: