TIME: Retiring Early and Moving Abroad: How One Couple Did It

I had a wonderful time talking with Cynthia Bowman about how her and her husband made a series of major life changes to create a whole new life for their family. 

The couple had been running their Los Angeles furniture business for fifteen years, working every day and putting in 60 or 70 hours each week, struggling to find quality time with their daughters. Brad, in his 50s, and Cynthia, in her 40s, were burnt out. Cynthia asked herself, “If the business closed tomorrow, what would I have to show for all this effort?”
The family had always enjoyed traveling, but they had mostly stolen a few days here and there added on to business trip. Cynthia’s dream was to retire and travel properly. Over the course of a year, the Bowmans developed this idea and finally pulled the trigger. They sold their business, rented out their house, pulled the kids out of school, and moved with the family dog to Spain!