XY Planning Network: 3 Advisors Explain Their Best Tips for Time Management

Prioritize Your Time and Tasks

Kate Holmes of Belmore Financial says that a critical step to better time management is prioritizing your work and the hours you have available. “Prioritize the income generating activities,” she says.

“There are endless things we all could be doing, some of which are more fun or interesting than what we should be doing (business wise), but keep your focus on the things that are designed to generate or diversify your income streams.”

And if it takes a while to get the hang of figuring out your priority list? That’s okay. It does take experience and experimenting to realize what’s truly important to you and your practice.

“Don’t beat yourself up,” Kate advises. “Sometimes you just won’t be feeling it, and that’s okay. Step away from the computer and go for a walk. Refocus. If you only got one thing done, celebrate that one thing.”

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