Deseret News National: Boomer vs. Millennial: A Tale of 2 Job Recoveries

Millennial Kate Holmes, who lives in Las Vegas, says some of the difference in attitude is that millennials have a more "entrepreneurial mindset" that makes them less likely to give up what they want in life and work balance. "We have that mentality," she says. "Boomers have to have jobs, concede more and don't expect more. They have kids in college. Millennials say, 'I'll take another pass,' rather than take a job they don't like."

Holmes, and other millennials, found their own way to deal with the competition with boomers for jobs in her field of financial planning. She took that entrepreneurial tendency she says millennials have and started her own financial planning business, Belmore Financial in Seattle, before moving to Las Vegas. "I wanted to be location independent," she says. "I can work from anywhere in the world. Even my local clients want to meet by phone and Skype."

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