AOL DailyFinance: 5 Ways to Financially Prepare to Go After Your Dream Job

In 2013 at age 29, Kate Holmes of Las Vegas left her six-figure position at a firm that worked with rich individuals and qualified retirement plans. Eventually, she become a certified financial planner and started Belmore Financial so she could work for herself. Holmes is earning a lot less money, she says, but it has been worth cutting her expenses substantially, she says. She put all of her belongings in storage and is working from the road.

"My income is nowhere near the prior six figures, and I'm not striving for it to be," Holmes says. "I've realized how little I honestly need and how much more important experiences are. I've built a business that allows me to live life now, rather than working like crazy, buying crap I don't need and waiting to enjoy life decades from now."

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