"You will 
only ever
have two
choices: love
or fear.
Choose love,
and don't 
ever let fear 
turn you
against your

- Jim Carrey


Does the idea of having an ongoing financial coach sound great, but you've got a couple big roadblocks to deal with first? We can tackle them in a jump start session. We'll cover your one or two most pressing financial concerns. Examples include:

  • Enrolling in your company's retirement plan
  • Choosing Roth or Traditional, 401(k), IRA or Taxable
  • Selecting a 529 college savings plan
  • Reviewing your credit report or understanding your account statements
  • Creating a plan to tackle your debt
  • Discussing whether to rent or buy a house

What's Included

  • One 60-90 minute phone or video call
  • Discuss your one or two most pressing financial concerns
  • Follow-up email with recommendations, resources and specific action steps

Let's get those roadblocks out of the way so you can start running towards your happiest life!

Cost: $395-$595

Next Steps

If you're ready to get a jump start, you can schedule an appointment here. If you'd like to chat first, I'd love to learn exactly what you're looking for and ensure we're a good fit.