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Employee Advice and Education

Employee Advice and Education

You care about your employees (good for you!). You want to attract and retain awesome people that love coming to work, are happy, engaged, and productive.  While most of that is in your hands, we can help with a pretty important piece: Talking to your employees about one of the biggest stressors in their life: 


You've probably spent a decent amount of time researching, implementing, and monitoring a retirement plan for your employees.  You may even have someone come in and give an occasional riveting educational meeting (I'm kidding, that's about as likely as the Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl).  But you're creating a great company filled with magnificent people, so you're ready to do more.

Your employees may already be requesting one-on-one financial advice. Yes, I said advice. The kind of advice that covers, among other things: 

  • Saving, budgeting, and managing debt

  • Enrolling in employee benefits

  • Preparing for a child

  • Saving for children’s college education

  • When and why wills and life insurance may be applicable

  • Coping with a layoff or career change

  • Planning for retirement

  • Handling an inheritance

  • Going through a separation, divorce, or loss of a loved one

  • Social security strategies

"That sounds great!" you're thinking to yourself. "How does this work?"

New Services Rolling Out September 2014

As you enjoy the last days of summer, we're updating our services to bring you and your employees additional value throughout the year.  Please check back soon and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 


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