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Long-Term Friendships and Brief Acquaintances

I've never liked the term 'client.' When we work together, I'm there when you need me, insist on honesty and authentic conversations, hold you accountable, and encourage and push you forward.  Sounds a lot like a friendship to me. But sometimes we need people to pop into our lives for a short period and those brief acquaintances can be just as valuable.

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Employee Financial Wellness

Your employees are stressed! And no, those group sessions on benefits and the 401(k) aren't helping. General advice can do more harm than good, and rarely addresses the issues specific to each person. They need to talk with someone one-on-one who isn't there to sell them crap they don't need or manage assets they don't have.  Lucky for you, Belmore fills this need.

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Speaking and Media

Entrepreneurship. Financial planning. Creating a life you love. The future of the industry. There are a wealth (pun intended!) of topics I can speak on, and I am not a monotone speaker that will put your audience to sleep.  If you're looking to spice up your next corporate event, conference, seminar, podcast, or article, please contact me!

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