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Yes! There IS More to Life!

The status quo sucks. I know, I've been there. Following that gut feeling to change just about everything in your life is terrifying. But if the fear of the unknown is less than the dread you feel towards your current path, you're ready. I give professionals in their 20s-40s the advice, encouragement and swift kick in the pants they need to discover and go after their happiest life.

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Employee Financial Wellness

Ready to do more for your employees? Me too! That's why I provide a fun and useful video covering a different topic each month (i.e. credit scores, 529 plans, budgeting, rent vs. buy, etc.).  Even better? I'm available for one-on-one employee advice meetings. And I don't manage assets or sell financial products so they tend to dig the conflict-free conversations.

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Speaking, Writing and Media

Kate works with blogs, media, and industry conferences to spread the message of rebelling against the status quo and going after your happiest life.  Looking to spice up your next corporate event, conference, seminar, podcast, or article?  Give me a call directly at 800-895-1298 or shoot me an email at kate@belmorefinancial.com. 

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